About the Office of Parent Services

Greetings from the Office of Parent Services!  From a distance, it's sometimes hard for parents to know who to contact when they have questions concerning student life at GW.

While Spring Visits, Colonial Inauguration and Colonials Weekend events provide an opportunity to receive valuable information about campus programs and services, parents may need more.  It is also sometimes helpful and comforting to speak to a live individual.  Personal service in helping parents better communicate with the University and their student is one of the reasons the Division of Student Affairs provides the Office of Parent Services.  

The Office of Parent Services is available to:

  • Advise you on the operations and functions of various University offices;
  • Facilitate an explanation of University policies and procedures, such as those encountered in GW Housing Programs, academic advising, financial aid, student accounts, and registration;
  • Facilitate connections with appropriate administrative staff and faculty to expedite the resolution of questions or concerns;
  • Provide information about campus events and programs, such as Spring Visits, Commencement, and intercollegiate sporting events.